Are all run and swim sections the same length?

No, to keep things interesting and to fit the terrain we are using, each section is different. The longest run is 2.9km and the longest swim 650m.

What do we do first and what are the distances?

For the Summer Edition, the first section is a run and distances of each stage are approximately as follows:

Stage 1 – Run 2.9 km
Stage 2 – Swim 650 m
Stage 3 – Run 1.4 km
Stage 4 – Swim 400 m
Stage 5 – Run 0.6 km
Stage 6 – Swim 180 m
Stage 7 – Run 0.6 km
Stage 8 – Swim 160 m
Stage 9 – Run 0.4 km
Stage 10 – Swim 430 m
Stage 11 – Run 2.3 km

For the Autumn Edition of SwimRun Fritton Lake teams will complete the stages as listed above but in reverse order, covering the route in an anti-clockwise direction.

Can we practice on the race route before event day?

Much of the run is on private ground which means it will not be available to practice on. However, with a Park Run event at Fritton every Saturday there is no excuse not to practice off road running.

Open water swimming is very different to pool swimming, you therefore need to be comfortable in this environment before race day. You will not be able to practice the swim routes in advance but you can get familiar with Fritton Lake by coming along to our regular open water swim sessions from April, where our coaches are always on hand to help and advise.

Are there any transitions?

No! You will carry with you throughout the race all the equipment you need. You will run in your swimming kit/wetsuit and swim in your trainers so there are no transitions required to change gear. Simply put on your kit at the beginning, start moving and keep going to the finish.

Why do we compete in teams of 2?

This event is based on the Swedish style Ötillo Races where teams of 2 compete, often racing across a chain of islands. Competing with a team mate makes for a fun & sociable experience. You’ll have someone to motivate you and to share the highs and lows along your journey from start to finish. You may also need to help each other at certain points such as getting out of the water.

Do I need any special kit or training?

This is an endurance sport so you will need to be fit. Running in a wetsuit is hot work so it is best practiced to get used to it. Running in wet trainers can be hard work too, so again it is best to practice before the event. Specialist wetsuits and light-weight trainers are available for these events, but many people wear or adjust/cut down an old wetsuit and wear light-weight technical socks in their running shoes to guard against blisters.

Are there many rules?

We will be publishing the full rules soon but basically you need to stay within 10m of your partner on the swim sections and 100m on the run sections, make sure you attend the safety briefing, wear your swim hat for every swim, and carry all kit from start to the end of the race. Please check back to familiarise yourself with the rules once they are published.

What about spectators?

Whilst spectators are very welcome the opportunities for spectating will be limited to key areas. This is in respect of the fact that the course takes in areas of the Somerleyton estate that are not normally open to the public. Spectators will be welcome at the start and finish areas as well as the area around Fritton Lake Outdoor Centre (situated at the lakeside). If you have any supporters coming along who would like to get involved by volunteering at this event please get in touch. We would of course be very pleased for spectators to share any race day photo’s with us.

Can I volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering or know a group who would like to help us out please get in touch. We rely on enthusiastic volunteers for our events. No experience necessary, you will be rewarded for your efforts.